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Blakes 7 Virtual Convention
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
8:47 pm
July 14, 2010 Keeping the Comm Alive Post
Avon is annoyed that I don't have an auto-post to do everything at once. He's sure I'll forget someone.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
2:45 pm
Monday, June 20th, 2005
7:36 pm
Support Virtual Convention!
Please deposit all ideas, idealettes, and frayed fragments of almost ideas here. Without your support, there may not be another Virtual Con. Even if an idea seems silly or not-very-workable, kindly deposit it in the bin. You never know, it may nourish another idea into blooming into a thread.

Thank you.
3:24 pm
Aftermath- Cost Benefit Ratio & Likelihood of Con Survival

  1. In Character Panels. However, if the con is to run again, more people will need to volunteer.
    Og and Vila did one each. Avon and Blake had the brunt of it.

    I know at the least there are LJs for Jarriere, Soolin, Tarrant, Orac, Travis, Cally, Jenna, Meegat, Carnell, and Servalan. If you have one of these character LJ's please consider volunteering next year. It doesn't have to be a real-time, hours at a time, burden- you can put up the post to questions, and answer them at intervals as convenient for yourself over several days. If you know the person who has one of these (or any other B7 character LJ), please direct them to the Virtual Con, and tell them the Virtual Con desperately needs *active* participants if it is to be repeated.

  2. The Caption Competitions. They only took about an hour per photo (including selecting, photoshopping for clarity, coding the pages, and doing the poll afterward.) They are likely candidates to be repeated.

  3. The Polls. They were a quite a bit of work researching & typing, but I might do more if I can think of any worthwhile categories. (The old ones will remain votable. If the con continues, I'd put up new posts with links back to them.)

  4. The Seducing Avon game was popular (and since I've already made the Random Character Generator for it, it would require no more work). This could be modified to be Random Pairings quite easily. It *could* be run without a moderator, but having one raises the likelihood of participation, I believe.


  1. The Dealer's Room.
  2. Plot-Bunny Hutch.
  3. Random Gen Story Challenge
  4. Random Weird Story Challenge
  5. 5 minute Drabbles.
    There was no response to these. They will not be repeated. (The generators took several days each to make. I can reuse them for my own amusement, so I don't count it a loss, but will not be expending the effort to do anything along those lines again for the Con.)

  6. Souvenirs
  7. Art Gallery
  8. Coloring Book pages
    These were extremely time-consuming, and got extremely little response. Possibly I might add to the existing Galleries, but I will not do anything along those lines from scratch.
  9. Trivia Contest- Not really my forte, and it wasn't worth the effort for the minimal response. I won't do it again, but if someone who is good at asking questions wishes to do one, that would be good.

NEUTRAL (not really popular, but can be done without great effort)

  1. Reading Room
    No comments. 2 people added links. I could simply put a new post with a link back to this if the con runs again.
  2. Filks
    Took me several days to write filks- no comments on them. I'd put up a thread with a link back to this, to provide space for people to add filks, but I won't write any more myself.
  3. Categories word game. Unpopular, but if changed to be simply 1 letter per category, it might get more activity. Very little effort to do, so it's worth another try.
  4. Links Word Game- people did play this, but it needs something... perhaps a 10 link limit before starting a new category, because it got boring going back to 'A' and 'N' in names, etc. Again, extremely quick to set up, so well worth a second try.
  5. Costume parade. Very little response, but quick to set up. I took hours to photoshop a costume for myself, but that's not necessary, a verbal description would do. Worth a second try.
  6. Alien Petting Zoo. Won't do it again. Only one comment (bar the role playing I did with Z.).
  7. Hospitality rooms- took days to gather & montage the images. If I simply provide a link back to these, or a verbal description of the room, it'd be worth it, but its not worth trying to make a new collection of images. A one-joke thing- probably would get no response at all a second time.
  8. Medical unit - no point repeating. A link back is possible.
  9. Warg-strangler pit - no point repeating. A link back is possible.
  10. Wolf-snake enclosure - no point repeating. A link back is possible.
  11. Warg enclosure. - no point repeating. A link back is possible.
  12. Daily Bulletin/Notice Boards- Quick & sometimes useful. Would continue with these.

If anyone has any ideas, please comment here. As you can see, I don't have much left that seems worth trying again. As it stands, it looks like I could run no more than a 2 day con by myself. If you enjoyed this 9-day Wonder, and would like it repeated, then *think* about what *you* can contribute. If you have an idea that seems silly, mention it anyway, it might grow into something useful.
3:22 pm
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
5:29 pm
Thanks to everyone who participated.
And particular thanks to the folks who ran at least one thread.

Sally for the Seducing Avon panels, the Guest Stars from Hell and the Hospitality Rooms.

Zenia for the Blake panels and the Boffer room.

Steve and Og for the Og panel and the F/F panel.

Nico for the Vila panel.

and Reapermum for the Beer panel.

4:44 pm
4:43 pm
Dead Dog Party
[People are wandering around the con, toting souvenirs and zines. They'll all got bags under their eyes as well. Snippets of conversation may be heard as to the highlights and flops of the con.]
4:24 pm
4:11 pm
Ninth Caption Competition
No prizes, I'm afraid. Give this photo a caption.Collapse )
3:55 pm
Daily Bulletin and Notice Board (day 9)
The con committee's leader has been found curled up under the table in one of the panel rooms, apparently totally exhausted.

The warg-strangler has escaped and is blocking the main entrance.

Swans have invaded the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

The triffid-tomatoes are RPGing Lord of the Rings in the main lobby (they all want to be Ents.)

The management apologizes for any inconvenience and hopes you have enjoyed your stay.
3:43 pm
Trivia Quiz
These are scraps from fan books, magazine clippings (most without enough of the magazine to identify them) & my patchy memory of con videos, etc, so I can't *guarantee* accuracy.

I do believe all of them, even the story told by Terry Nation that one day the director sent the B7 crew haring off around an angle of a cliff--- only to run smack into Dr. Who and his companions running the other direction, being chased by Daleks.

If that didn't happen, it should have.

All comments will be screened, so you can answer here without influencing other players.Collapse )
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
3:59 pm
Blake & Avon Panel
[The first thing Blake does when entering the room is check the 'water' pitchers to make sure there isn't any vodka in them. When he's done, he has a seat and smiles at the audience.] I'm afraid this panel may start a bit late. My colleague woke up feeling under the weather.
2:28 pm
Daily Bulletin and Notice Board (day 8)
The Avon and Blake panel may be delayed today... apparently Avon's not feeling too well.
1:27 pm
1:15 pm
8th Caption Contest
Eighth Caption Competition

No prizes, I'm afraid. Give this photo a caption.Collapse )
12:07 pm
Costume Parade
Anyone may post a comment here, either describing their costume, or showing it in a pic (please keep under 50 k in file size) or as a link to an image (if over 50 k.)

If we get enough to make it worth while, I may put up a poll to vote on people's favorites in 2 days (yes, that'll be after the con is officially over. I imagine I'll be dusting and tidying the Tardis for a few days after all the guests go home.)
12:02 pm
Adult/Suggestively Slash/or Risqué Filks
Adult/Suggestively Slash/or Risqué Filks- Here are two filks to start you off. If anyone has any they wish to add, please do so in a comment.Rebel Greensleeves & Serving Under ServalanCollapse )
12:00 pm
Gen Filks
Gen Filks- Here are some filks to start you off. If anyone has any they wish to add, please do so in a comment. Please do not put any risqué, slash, suggestive, or adult filks on this thread. Here's a short one to start you off.

SERVALAN IN THE DELL (to the tune of the 'Farmer in the Dell')
filked by Marian Mendez

Servalan in the dell (3x)
Heigh Ho the merry-o
Servalan in the dell.
Servalan takes Travis, etc
Travis takes a guard, etc.
The guard takes a gun, etc.
The gun takes a shot, etc.
The shot takes a Roj, etc.
The Roj takes Avon, etc.
Avon stands alone.

An assortment of filks.Collapse )
Friday, June 17th, 2005
12:53 pm
Daily Bulletin and Notice Board (day 7)
Orac sent in a number of orders for kaleidoscope pictures of himself. They're at the Art Gallery. He's vain, but the con com admits he's shiny.

Possibly due to the Great Og's presence, the Killer Tomatoes appear to have bred with a visiting Triffid. Please do not take any seedlings home with you, no matter how adorable they are, or how they wave their leaves at you.

Due to a problem in the guidance systems, the hotel's entrance is presently located in the Amazon jungle. While the heat may make nudity seem a practical alternative, remember the insect life. To repel mosquitoes, we recommend you wear Avon-Skin-So-Soft --- available in the hotel druggist's.
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