Blakes 7 Virtual Convention

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This is to be a friendly Virtual Convention. Anyone may attend. You may comment anonymously if you haven't an LJ at all, or use your RealLife LJ, a B7 character, or a character of another fandom (but if you don't know B7 the in-jokes will be uncomprehensible to you.)

Anyone who starts a fight will be thrown into the Warg-Strangler's pit, and wagers will be made on which of your body parts is consumed first.

If you become irritable when drunk, please choose only non-alcoholic beverages.

Children and Teddy Bears may attend. Therefore the management requests that any adult conversations/fiction be only on posts which clearly state they are for adults only.

The Tardis will collect anyone who wishes to attend, and then safely deposit you back at your original locale when you wish to leave. If a telepathic cat follows you home, please remember that they like sardines.